About us

Our department serves Lenexa residents and businesses in the following areas: 

Planning & Development Services
We administer zoning and the development review process for the City. As Planning & Development staff, we also provide technical and administrative support to the City Council, Planning Commission, and Board of Zoning Appeals. In coordination with other City divisions and departments, we processes and review development applications and permits. We also provide long-range planning, demographic research services, and are stewards of Lenexa's Comprehensive Plan.

Engineering & Construction Services

We oversee the planning, engineering design, and construction of the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) as well as all public improvements associated with private development. We work closely with Municipal Services and Parks & Recreation staff to identify opportunities to improve and maintain streets, rehabilitate existing infrastructure, address drainage issues, and construct trails and sidewalks. We also provide engineering support for the development review process, including the review of both private development plans and public improvements.

Traffic Management & Right-of-Way

We strive to provide a safe and efficient travel system for vehicles and pedestrians navigating the City's streets. We do this by installing appropriate traffic control devices such as traffic signals, traffic signs, and roundabouts. We also conduct numerous traffic counts per year, maintain streetlights, and assist in the safe movement of traffic at City-sponsored events. We manage the public rights-of-way where gas, water, electric, telecommunication cables, sewer, and storm sewer lines run. We also conduct specialized research and analysis.

Building Services

We administer the City's building and construction-related codes and provide staff support to the Uniform Building Code Board of Appeals. We also review plans for code compliance and conduct inspections of development underway.

Community Standards
We enforce property maintenance codes through systematic inspections, as well as responding to citizen concerns. We also work closely with the Police and Fire Departments in administering the City’s residential rental licensing and inspection program. 

Customer Service
We are responsible for the daily customer service activities and assist external and internal customers with a variety of inquiries and requests, including building and development plan applications, construction permits, as well as various types of licensing.