Current Bids/Proposals

Information on current City of Lenexa projects may be accessed by using the links in this chart. Please note that bidding documents are housed and managed by the Plan Room at Drexel Technologies, Inc. Users seeking this information will be directed to in order to preview, purchase, and download plans and specs.

Planholders lists are made available through Drexel Technologies, Inc.

The date, time, and location for bid openings vary. See Notice to Bidders for specific project bid opening information.

Bid/proposal types are defined as follows:

  • COM - Bid Commodities
  • CONST - Bid Construction
  • RFP - Request for Proposal
  • RFQ&I - Request for Qualifications and Interest
  • SVCS – Services
  • RFS – Request for Sponsorship
  • AUCTION – Notice of Public Auction







RFP2015 - 2017 Streetlight Maintenance RFPNTB

Steve Schooley, P.E.

913 477-7662


4:00 PM

CONSTBrookhollow Stormdrainage ImprovementsNTB

Tom Jacobs, P.E.

913 477-7644



3:00 PM


CONSTFire Station #2 Parking Lot Reconstruction 

Ben Clark

913 477-7795

CONSTLenexa Community Center Gym Floor Replacement 

Logan Wagler

913 477-7140

CONST2014 PMP Mill & Overlay 

Ben Clark

913 477-7795

CONST2014 PMP Seal Coat 

Ben Clark

913 477-7795


2014 Request for Statement of Interest (RFQ)

Ben Clark

913 477-7795

 Request for Quotes (RFQ) 9226 Park Street Residential House Demolition