Building Permits

Construction within the city of Lenexa requires a building permit in most cases. However, cosmetic changes such as painting, carpeting, cabinetry, siding, lawn sprinklers and landscaping do not require a building permit. Contact a Licensing and Permit Tech at City Hall by calling 913.477.7500 if you are unsure about the permit requirement for your project.

Obtain a building permit and schedule inspections online
Submit online for Residential and Commercial permits through the City of Lenexa Application and Permitting Portal.

  • New home construction                                        
  • Accessory structure (over 120 sq. ft.)
  • Addition                                             
  • Basement finish                                                 
  • Covered porch / sunroom
  • Deck
  • Demolition
  • Driveway approach replacement (site development)
  • Fence
  • Retaining wall
  • Fire repair
  • Furnace and/or air conditioner replacement
  • Mechanical alteration
  • Plumbing alteration
  • Re-roof
  • Remodel
  • Swimming pool / hot tub / spa
  • Tenant finish
  • Water heater replacement

The City of Lenexa Application and Permitting Portal is also used to schedule inspections.

What requires a building permit?
Building permits are required for all new construction, including homes, additions, accessory structures, fences and decks, as well as repairing or replacing existing construction, such as re-roofing, remodeling, fences and decks. Any construction relating to framing, electrical, mechanical and/or plumbing trades requires a building permit.

Locating underground utility lines

Before performing any excavation, it’s important that you have the underground lines marked by Kansas One Call. For more information see the utility location service information page.

Apply for a building permit

If the permit you require is not available as an online option (see Obtain a building permit and schedule inspections online above), you will need to complete and submit a Residential & Commercial Building Permit Application form along with applicable building permit fees and required documents to Lenexa City Hall. Permit application processes differ depending on the type of construction. For specific permit application information according to your project type, choose from the following: commercial new construction, commercial tenant finish, decks and fences, residential addition or residential new construction.

Contractor requirements

Refer to the contractor licensing page for licensing requirements. Also see performance guaranty requirements.

Permit time frames

Projects are automatically assigned due dates when submitted based upon the project type. The review time frame begins the business day following the day the project is submitted. The time frame for residential projects is five business days; resubmittal of revisions or changes to an already approved permit also requires five business days. The review time frame for commercial projects is 20 business days for new construction and additions, and 10 business days for tenant finish and remodeling; resubmittal is 15 business days for new construction and additions, and 10 business days for tenant finish and remodeling. Certificates of Occupancy have a 10-business day review time frame.

Records management

Building permit records are maintained by the Department of Community Development. All required permit files are scanned for permanent storage. Commercial construction plans are permanently kept in storage and can be retrieved for research and/or copying for a fee. Residential construction plans are kept for two years after completion and are then destroyed. If you would like to request to view and/or have copies made of plans or files, complete an Open Record Request form and submit it to the Department of Community Development for processing.

Expired permits

Building permits are valid for 180 days after issuance. Each approved inspection for a building permit extends the expiration of that permit for an additional 180 days. Thirty days prior to expiration, a letter is mailed to the permit holder reminding them of the expiration date. If a permit is allowed to expire, a penalty fee to reinstate the permit will be required before any additional inspections will be performed. This penalty fee is based on the construction valuation of the remaining work on the permit.

Work without a permit

Performing construction without a permit is a violation of city ordinance unless the work is exempt from permit (see City ordinance section 4-4-A-5). The penalty for beginning construction without a building permit is double the building permit fee.

Expired plan reviews

After a building permit application has been submitted for review and the review has been completed, the applicant has 180 days to submit the required revisions or pick up the permit, if it has been approved. If the revisions have not been submitted for the application or the approved permit has not been picked up after 180 days, the permit application will become null and void.