Construction Criteria and Specifications

Design criteria and plan requirements
The Design Criteria and Plan Requirements document for street, stormwater, street light and traffic signal improvements summarizes the design criteria and minimum plan requirements for Lenexa. The design criteria are found in their entirety in the appropriate sections of the City Code, and are only partially addressed in this document. All design elements must conform to the design criteria as described in the City Code.

Pre-approved materials

To use the Pre-Approved Materials List, contractors need only mark the list for the particular items they intend to use, and then fax the list back to the Community Development Department at 913.477.7730.

Other materials may be used, but only after approval of the city engineer. To obtain approval for material not on the list, submit catalog cuts and/or other technical information for review by the city engineer.

Technical specifications

This document contains the technical specifications for all public improvements in the city, including materials and construction details for streets, storm sewers, parks facilities, driveway pavement in the city right-of-way, street lighting and traffic signals.

Stormwater report criteria

See the Stormwater Management Plan for more information.

Standard details

2017 Standard details

2015 Standard details