Engineering Permits

To pull an engineering permit within Lenexa, the contractor must:
  • be licensed within the City of Lenexa
  • provide appropriate insurance and bonding information
  • pay the appropriate fees

Refer to the Engineering Permits brochure for an overview on permit types, issuance requirements and fee information.

Land Disturbance and Site Development permits

The Land Disturbance permit is required for grading and other activity that will result in land disturbance. Checklist requirements for Land Disturbance permit.

Site Development permits are required for private infrastructure improvement such as curbs, parking lots and drainage facilities.

For more information on these permit types, including fees and other requirements, refer to the Land Disturbance and Site Development information sheet. To apply for a permit, use the Residential and Commercial Building Permit application.

Public Improvement permit

Public Improvement permits are required for public infrastructure that is being constructed with a private project. To apply, use the Public Improvement Plan Review application.

Flood Plain permit

Flood Plain permits
are required for work in any areas that contain high hazard zones as identified by FEMA.