Business Licensing

A City of Lenexa business license is required for anyone who operates a business or provides a service in the city. Most licenses are issued for one year and are renewed annually. Renew your business license online.

How to obtain a business license
To apply for a city business license, complete the business license application and mail or deliver to City Hall along with the appropriate business license fee for your business type.

If you are a building, mechanical, electrical or plumbing contractor, you will also need a Johnson County Contractor’s License in your trade in order to take out building permits or to work as a subcontractor in Lenexa. For information on obtaining a contractor’s license, contact Johnson County at 913.715.2233.

There are some types of business that are exempt from the city business license requirement, including any interstate portion of a business, agencies of the United States government and non-profit charitable organizations. The city may require anyone claiming to be exempt to file a verified statement of fact. If you are a non-profit entity owning or leasing commercial space in Lenexa, apply for a non-profit business license by completing the non-profit license application and mail or deliver to City Hall along with your tax-exempt verification. There is no fee for a non-profit license.

For more information

Download the Business Licensing handout, or call Customer Service at 913.477.7500. For code reference, see Title 2 of the Lenexa City Code.

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