Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding planning and zoning issues for the City of Lenexa.  On an annual basis, they review the city’s Comprehensive Plan to ensure the plan continues to be relevant and responsive to changes in the city’s vision, demographic trends, and development patterns.  The Planning Commission is charged with making recommendations regarding rezoning, special use permit, and preliminary plan and subdivision plat applications; upon hearing the Planning Commission’s recommendation, the Governing Body takes final action on these applications.   The Planning Commission may approve or deny a final plan, or approve the final plan with conditions.  Unless requested by two or more council members or the City Administrator, final plans are not submitted to the Governing Body for consideration.

The Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the mayor with the consent of the Governing Body.  Each commissioner serves a three-year term and does have the opportunity to serve for more than one term. 

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Planning Commission also serves as the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The board has the authority to grant variances and exceptions from the specific requirements of the Unified Development Code (UDC).  A variance allows a property owner to develop their property in a way that is not normally permitted by the City's development regulations (the Unified Development Code or "UDC").  The variance process is intended to provide relief in those limited and unique situations where strict compliance with the UDC would cause undue hardship for a property owner. Most often, variances are requested for relief from dimensional requirements such as the setbacks, height or size of buildings, fences, accessory buildings, or other improvements.  Specific information regarding a variance can be found in Section 4-1-K of the UDC.

Meetings of the Board of Zoning Appeals, if scheduled, take place on evenings of the regularly scheduled Planning Commission meetings which are typically the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall. 

Meeting Information

For information on meeting dates and corresponding deadlines, see the Planning Commission and Staff Review Only schedules.  In addition, agendas, staff reports, and minutes from the Planning Commission meetings are available.  After the submittal deadline but, before the agenda and staff reports are finalized, a list of pending applications is available; these are the applications that have been submitted for an upcoming meeting and are currently being reviewed by staff.

Staff in the Planning and Zoning Division may be reached at 913-477-7500 or by visiting Lenexa City Hall at 12350 W 87th Street Parkway.

Board member

Term expires

Chris Poss, Chairman


Jason Leib, Vice Chair


Rod Hoffman


Curt Katterhenry


Jo Ella Hoye


Jerry Harper


Don Horine


Mike Burson


Alice Snider