Alarm User Permits

Permits and fees
The City of Lenexa’s alarm ordinance requires that you obtain a permit if you have an alarm system on your residence or business. There are restrictions on the types of alarms allowed. See the City of Lenexa Alarm Ordinance for details. There is no charge to register your alarm system.

How do I get an alarm permit?
Each separate alarm system in use in each building, structure or facility must be registered. Your alarm system should be registered immediately upon installation. A non-registration fee will be assessed if the Police or Fire Department respond on an alarm and determine that the activated system was not registered. To register your alarm system, you can contact the City of Lenexa False Alarm Reduction Program by telephone at 866.889.2362 or via website at

Permit requirements

Alarm permits are non-transferable and are required to be renewed at the beginning of each calendar year. If an alarm system is registered after the beginning of the calendar year, the registration shall be effective only for the remainder of that calendar year, and subject to annual renewals thereafter.

False alarms

Any alarm user which has more than two (2) false police alarms or more than two (2) false fire alarms in any 12-month period, shall be subject to civil penalty in the form of a false alarm fee, as adopted by ordinance, resolution, or as otherwise permitted. The amount of the penalty will increase for each subsequent chargeable false alarm in any 12-month period.

The City of Lenexa Alarm Ordinance defines a false alarm as the unwanted activation of an alarm (whether fire alarm or other alarm system) that is not the result of an emergency or true hazard, whether the result of careless use, technical failure, improper maintenance, equipment malfunction, improper installation, accidental tripping, misoperation, misuse, or the negligence of the alarm user or his or her employees, agents, tenants or guests, which signals an urgent response by fire or police personnel when a situation requiring a fire or police response does not, in fact, exist. False alarms do not include an alarm signal caused by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm user.

Automatic dialing devices

The use of automatic dialing devices is prohibited by City ordinance. An automatic dialing device is defined as an electrically operated instrument that detects a forced or unauthorized entry and automatically initiates a recorded voice alarm or other signal to the Lenexa Police Department, indicating the need for an emergency response.

For more information on alarm systems for your residence or business, contact the City of Lenexa False Alarm Reduction program at 866.889.2362 or