Commercial Plan Review

Plans and specifications
Submittals for commercial plan review require four sets of sealed drawings. One set must have the original seal and signature of a Kansas licensed engineer or architect; the other three sets may be copies of the original set. A building permit application and plan review fee are also required at submittal.

 For new commercial buildings, five sets are required unless a site development permit has been issued in advance. Only one set must have the original seal/signature; the additional sets can be copies of the original set. If the project requires a specifications book, two copies of the book should be provided at submittal.

For information on obtaining building permits, refer to the commercial new construction permit process or the commercial tenant finish/remodeling permit process pages.

The fire department is involved in the review of most commercial projects, including automatic fire extinguishing systems, alarm permits and fire sprinkler permits.

Changes in use

If a tenant chooses to lease space in Lenexa and move in without making any changes that require construction, a Certificate of Occupancy application must be submitted for review. Once the review is complete, an inspection of the space is required prior to occupancy. Any changes or additions to existing plumbing, mechanical or electrical require a building permit.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Plans submitted for commercial building permits will be reviewed by the City of Lenexa for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III Design Guidelines and the International Building Code.

When applying for a Commercial New Construction Permit or a Commercial Tenant Finish/Remodeling Permit, you will be required to show on the plans how compliance with ADA will be achieved. Corresponding submittals should include a detailed cost analysis indicating ADA compliance modifications of at least 20 percent of the overall project cost, or a letter from the architect stating that the building or tenant space fully complies with ADA regulations. All new construction, including remodeling and additions, must fully comply with ADA requirements.

For more information, see our ADA requirements brochure, which includes general ADA guidelines for new construction and altering existing structures. If you have questions about ADA requirements for your project, contact Matt Souders, building codes administrator, at 913.477.7706.

Special inspections

See the Special Inspection Program handout for instructions and information.