Residential Plan Review

All submittals for residential plan review require two sets of construction plans, a building permit application and payment of a plan review fee. The construction plans must show all work to be completed in the project and will be subject to review by a plans analyst who will verify that the construction follows the building code. For new homes, additions, decks, accessory structures, pools and fences, a plot plan is also required at submittal to verify setbacks, easements and location of the project on the property.

Single family dwellings
For building permit submittal requirements and frequently asked questions regarding single family dwellings, see the one- and two-family dwelling construction brochure.

Additional resources

For additional information, including decks, accessory structures and much more, refer to the building and construction resources page.


Residential remodeling requires the submittal of two complete sets of construction plans signed and sealed by a Kansas licensed engineer or architect.

Basement finishing

See the general requirements for basement finish and remodel and emergency escape and rescue openings information.


Permits are required to replace roofs on residential and commercial properties. Residential and commercial roofing permits must be obtained at City Hall. Commercial roofing requires approval of the roofing material by a planner in the Department of Community Development.

Fire damaged dwellings

Buildings that are damaged by fire are subject to permit requirements to bring the building back to code. If the building is deemed by the insurance company to be damaged in excess of 75 percent of the face value of the policy covering the building, the insurance company will execute a draft payable to the City Treasurer in an amount equal to the sum of 15 percent of the covered claim payment that will be returned at the completion of the reconstruction or demolition of the building. (Refer to City Ordinance article I-9-H).

Plumbing and electrical alterations

Permits are required to repair plumbing or electrical on residential and commercial properties. These residential permits can be obtained online at Citizen Access or at City Hall.

Water heater and HVAC replacement

Permits are required to replace water heaters and HVAC units. These permits can be obtained online at Citizen Access or at City Hall.