Community Standards Division

The Community Standards Division has three primary areas of focus:
  • Enforcing the city’s property maintenance codes
  • Administering the city’s rental registration program
  • Connecting residents with local resources

Property Maintenance
The City of Lenexa makes every effort to ensure that our structures and land are maintained to standards set forth in the city code. Below are some commonly violated codes.

If you would like to report a code violation please do so online by submitting a service request or contacting us at 913.477.7500.

  • Trash and Recycling Container Storage: All trash, recycling and yard waste must be stored behind the building line or inside the garage. If kept outside, it should be stored inside a container.
  • Outdoor Storage: It is illegal to store items outside that are not intended or manufactured for outdoor use.
  • Weeds/Grass: Weeds and grass may not exceed eight inches in height on developed residential lots, and 12” elsewhere. There are exemptions for agricultural land.
  • Inoperable Vehicles: All vehicles on private property must remain street operable or be parked inside a garage.
  • Boats, Trailers and RVs: Recreational vehicles are permitted in residential areas as long as they are parked in the side or rear yard, behind the building line and screened from view in accordance with the city ordinance. They may temporarily be parked in the driveway by obtaining a permit.
  • Exterior Maintenance: The exterior of all buildings shall be maintained in an acceptable condition. Violations often include peeling paint, rotten wood, fences in disrepair and broken windows and doors.
  • Nuisances: Nuisance items are not permitted, such as appliances, excessive trash or waste and anything that causes a foul or unhealthy odor.

Rental Registration
In 2008, the City of Lenexa adopted and implemented a Residential Rental Licensing Program to help maintain the city’s quality neighborhoods and property values, and promote the quality of life that Lenexa residents expect.

While neighborhoods throughout Lenexa generally are in good condition, the city is taking this proactive step to ensure that neighborhoods do not deteriorate, and they retain their safe, attractive and friendly character. Learn more about this program.

Neighborhood Revitalization and Community Assistance
The intent of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program is to help improve aging housing stock, aging public infrastructure and prevent an increase in exterior maintenance violations in Lenexa.

The city has created several incentives to encourage property owners to reinvest in their properties, improving neighborhoods overall. Property owners whose homes fall within the designated district(s) are encouraged to apply for the Tax Rebate program and/or the Exterior Grant program.

Find out more about these programs.

The city also supports several programs that are offered and administered through Johnson County. These programs include the Minor HOME program and Utility Assistance. For additional information on these programs please contact Johnson County Human Services directly by calling 913.715.8800.