Arraignment is the time scheduled for a defendant to appear in court and enter a plea on the violations for which they have been charged. Defendants may enter a plea of:

  • Guilty - Defendant admits to having committed the act charged. The Judge will order a fine, jail time or other sentence.
  • No Contest - Defendant does not contest the city's charge. Upon a plea of no contest, the Judge will enter a verdict of guilty and order a fine, jail time or other sentence. A plea of no contest is not an admission of fault and cannot be used against you in a civil proceeding.
  • Not Guilty - Defendant denies guilt thereby making it necessary for the city to prove its charge. On a plea of not guilty, the case would be set for trial or a pre-trial conference with the city prosecutor to see what options are available to the defendant.

For an informational video on the arraignment process, presented in both English and Spanish, please visit here.

If all violations charged on your traffic ticket have a specified fine amount, you may choose not to appear in court and to pay fines and fees prior to your court date. If any violation charged on your traffic ticket specifies “Court,” you must appear in court for arraignment on your Notice to Appear date.

Paying fines and fees

If your violation has a specified fine amount and you choose to pay fines and fees prior to your court date, you may enter your appearance, waive your right to trial, plead guilty or no contest to the violation and pay in person, by mail, online or at the night depository. On the back of your traffic ticket, you must circle your plea of Guilty or No Contest in the paragraph under Appearance, Plea of Guilty and Waiver. Complete the designated line with the date and your signature. This traffic ticket must accompany your payment for fines and fees.

You may send a personal check or money order made payable to the City of Lenexa for the total due for fines plus court costs. You may also leave payment in the 24-hour drop box located in the brick pillar to the left of the glass entry doors into the Municipal Court building.

Payment by credit card may be accepted online or in person at the Lenexa Municipal Court. Lenexa Municipal Court accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.