Mapping services

The EST Department’s mapping efforts are integrated with every facet of the city’s daily business. City mapping staff works to provide useful and timely solutions while serving internal customers, citizens and members of the general public.

We invite you to browse our various static and dynamic maps using the links, below. If you are moving to the area, you might be interested in the public safety map. If you are involved with commerce, the community development map might be just what you’re after, and if you are a citizen, the parks and recreation map will help you locate all the recreation sites the city has to offer.

Be sure to check back regularly, as we are always updating our offerings and adding new ones.

View maps - PDF

Select from the following list of maps to view, download or print:

Existing Land Use (PDF)

Lenexa Street Map (PDF)

School Districts (PDF)

Slope (PDF)

Watersheds (PDF)

Ward Boundaries (PDF)

ZIP Codes (PDF)

Zoning Map (PDF)

Interactive maps
Select from the following web-based maps:

Crime Statistics

View the previous 90 days of Lenexa crime statistics in map or tabular data.

Fire Metrics
Review the fire department’s response-time performance over the previous 180 days of fire and medical emergencies in City of Lenexa.

Green Infrastructure Tour

Green infrastructure is the interconnected network of open spaces and natural systems that manages stormwater, reduces the risk of floods, captures pollution and improves water quality.

Lenexa Development Activities

This map makes available information regarding community development applications currently being reviewed by the department staff, Planning Commission or Governing Body.

For more information

If there is information you would like but is not available, please contact or call the City of Lenexa at 913.477.7500. You can also visit the Johnson County AIM’s public GIS viewer.