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Vision 2040

Lenexa has a long history of engaging citizens in processes to create long-term visions for our community.

Vision 2020 and 2030

Adopted in 1997, Vision 2020 was the culmination of more than 2,500 hours of volunteer efforts. In addition to several umbrella issues, residents explored six key areas (Community Spirit & Recreation, Commercial Development, Residential Development, Economic Development, Education, and Infrastructure & Transportation). Task Forces made recommendations about these issues to a Steering Committee who in turn created a visioning document. Ideas implemented from Vision 2020 include Lenexa City Center, Rain to Recreation and our new Community Orchestra.

Explore Vision 2020

Vision 2030, adopted in 2008, followed a similar process. Task Forces explored seven issues (Community Spirit & Amenities, Education & Learning, Housing & Neighborhoods, Infrastructure & Transportation, Safe & Healthy Community, Strong Economic Base, and Sustainable Quality Community Growth) and several umbrella issues.From vision 2030 came a vision for a community garden, an aquatics center and a commitment to the continued expansion of the city's multiuse trail system.

Explore Vision 2030

Vision 2040Vision 2040: Stay Informed and Get Involved

During the coming months, residents and members of the business community will work together to create Vision 2040, which will provide another vital opportunity to look forward and define the future we want for Lenexa. We invite both residents and others interested in Lenexa’s future to participate in this important process. If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

Give feedback on issues to be explored

Help us decide which big-picture topics should be examined. You can provide this feedback through our website and social media or by attending community meetings. By giving just a few minutes online or an hour at a meeting, you can make a big impact. Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved and provide input.

Vision 2040 Interest Form



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Vision 2040 task forces will delve into issues facing Lenexa's future. What big picture topic(s) do you think should be explored? 
Past examples include community spirit, amenities, education, housing, neighborhoods, infrastructure, transportation, economic development and commercial development.

Why are you interested in getting involved with the Vision 2040 process? 


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