Community Vision

Vision 2030
Lenexa Vision 2030 is the city’s grass-roots-driven strategic visioning effort, which was developed as a result of the city’s commitment to community involvement and strategic planning. Vision 2030 has given citizens from all parts of the city the opportunity to work together to exchange ideas, discuss important issues and, ultimately, create a documented report that will be used to guide the city's future growth and planning efforts as Lenexa continues to grow and mature. View the Vision 2030 Report.


In the summer of 2007, Mayor Mike Boehm appointed Lenexa residents Craig Denny and Mandy Stuke as co-chairs to lead the process. Community forums were held to gather citizen input and identify priorities. From the community input emerged seven key issue areas: Community Spirit and Amenities, Education and Learning, Housing and Neighborhoods, Infrastructure and Transportation, Safe and Healthy Community, Strong Economic Base, and Sustainable Quality Community Growth. A Steering Committee and seven task forces were formed to address the issues.

Community involvement

Vision 2030 and its successful predecessor, Vision 2020, exemplify Lenexa’s ongoing commitment to involve all citizens to create the vision and goals for the city’s future. Lenexa has enjoyed extraordinary accomplishments, strong community and regional leadership, and the citizen participation and commitment that make this city the wonderful place citizens are proud to call home. Thank you to all of the citizens who volunteered their time and energy on the Steering Committee and Task Forces and to those who took the time to share their thoughts and ideas through the various forums and other opportunities.