Recycling and Trash Disposal

Municipal Services gathering materials for recycling and trash.
2012 solid waste regulations
Johnson County adopted new solid waste regulations in October 2010, which became effective January 1, 2012. For more information on the regulations, including city ordinance changes, go to the Solid Waste Regulations web page.

Does the city offer recycling?
Yes. All trash haulers who operate in the city of Lenexa are required to offer recycling as part of their services. Since items accepted for recycling vary by hauler, check with your trash provider to see what items are approved for recycling pickup.

What is the Dumpster Weekend Program and Curbside Cleanup, and what’s the difference?

The Dumpster Program occurs twice annually, and Curbside Cleanup is now provided by refuse haulers for their customers. City ordinance requires that each hauler provide one bulky waste pickup per customer per year. Both programs offer the opportunity to dispose of large, unwanted items. Select the links for more detailed information.

Does the city offer electronics recycling?

Lenexa residents may drop off unwanted electronics for recycling during dumpster weekends. A $10 recycling fee will apply for each CRT monitor and TV. See e-waste recycling information for a list of acceptable items for recycling.

Where do I dispose of brush and broken limbs?

These items can be disposed of on the city’s Dumpster Weekends and with curbside yard waste collection.

How do I dispose of household hazardous waste?

The Johnson County Environmental Department schedules dates for Johnson County residents to dispose of items such as oil based paints, solvents and pesticides. For the dates and location, call 913.715.6900. For more information, visit the Johnson County Environmental Department website.