Lenexa Bluebird Trails


Eastern Bluebirds (Sialis sialia) are native to Kansas and were a prominent species up until the early 1900s when their numbers began to decline, partially due to a reduction of their preferred habitat. In addition, in the late 1800s,  starling were introduced to the United States. Both of these non-native birds compete for nest sites and usually win because they are more aggressive than the bluebird.

What we’re doing

Lenexa began taking part in the re-establishment of the bluebird in 2008 with the launch of the Lenexa Bluebird Trails program. We have placed 35 boxes throughout city parks and trails that are monitored weekly during bluebird breeding season.

Get involved

The Lenexa Bluebird Trails program always needs volunteers willing to monitor, maintain and install nest boxes for bluebirds, and to help educate the public at events and schools.

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