About Us

Founded in 1869, Lenexa is a well-planned community located about 12 miles south of Kansas City, Mo. The 34.3-square-mile city has a resident population of more than 50,000, with a similar number of people who work here. Lenexa enjoys a healthy business base and is considered a city of choice for a variety of high tech and bioscience companies, as well as a number of national and international headquarters. Lenexa is a fair housing city.

City profile (PDF)

"City of Festivals"

Residents are drawn to Lenexa in part because it is an attractive and safe city, with a rich history and a strong, hometown sense of community spirit. Known as the City of Festivals, Lenexa hosts numerous celebrations and events each year, which draw visitors from the greater metropolitan area and beyond.

Citizens and visitors alike enjoy Lenexa’s established neighborhoods and commercial developments, beautiful parks and trails, and quality roads and other infrastructure. Lenexa has earned the reputation as a leader in local government initiatives such as public safety, development issues, festivals, stormwater management, communication and the use of technology. 

Satisfied citizens

According to the most recent citizen satisfaction survey, Lenexa was ranked by ETC Institute as the Kansas City metro leader in overall citizen satisfaction with city services for nearly every major service area when compared to other cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Results show that nearly all residents (97 percent) believe Lenexa is a good or excellent place to live, and 92 percent say they are satisfied with the quality of life in Lenexa. In recent years, the city was named Best Places to Raise Kids by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, earned a spot on CNN Money Magazine’s Best 100 Places to Live, and was named a finalist for the prestigious All-America City Award. 

Vision, Mission and Values

In 2011, the City of Lenexa established new Vision, Mission and Values statements to serve as guiding principles and convey the city staff’s shared purpose in serving the Lenexa community.   


The City of Lenexa: Leaders in the delivery of exceptional public service. 


To provide exceptional service through a team of dedicated professionals working in partnership with the community. 


Make every decision with integrity.
Deliver results through teamwork.
Provide exceptional service.
Lead into the future with vision.
Be dedicated to excellence.
We care.