Learn about the community with ‘Living Lenexa History’

Learn about the community with ‘Living Lenexa History’
Posted on 09/25/2017
Screenshot of Youtube clipWhile our City Hall and Lenexa Rec Center may be new, we are celebrating Lenexa’s history, too. The new civic campus features two pieces honoring our community’s roots – the bronze statue of our namesake, Na-Nex-Se and an inlaid history marker.

Na-Nex-Se Statue

The Na-Nex-Se statue originally was constructed by artist Kwan Wu and placed outside of Lenexa’s previous City Hall in honor of late Mayor Joan Bowman. When City Hall was moved this year, the statue was moved to a place of prominence outside of the south entrance to City Hall.

History marker

To honor even more of Lenexa’s history, city staff worked with the Lenexa Historical Society to identify 22 people, places and concepts that helped shaped Lenexa into the community it is today. Each of these is etched into a stone history marker, located directly south of the fountain on the Lenexa Commons.

We also worked to bring those people, places and concepts to life by creating short videos about each one. We will be releasing those videos throughout the next few weeks to spotlight how our community has evolved through the years.

We hope you can take a moment to learn about our community by watching some of the videos highlighting our community’s history.

See the history videos