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Your home remodeling project may need a building permit

Your home remodeling project may need a building permit
Posted on 05/21/2018
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Spring and summer are popular times to do home improvement projects. You probably spend time considering style, color, and whether you’ll need to hire a contractor or architect. But don’t forget to find out whether your project needs a building permit.

In general, any remodeling or construction project in your home that relates to framing, electrical, mechanical or plumbing requires a City of Lenexa building permit. This helps ensure the work is done safely and complies with building, construction and zoning codes.

Improvements that require permits include (but are not limited to):

  • fences

  • retaining walls

  • covered porches or sunrooms

  • furnace or air conditioner replacement

  • re-roofing

  • swimming pools/hot tubs/spas

Building Permit Details

Published May 21, 2018