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What you see in Lenexa's future

I'd Like Lenexa to be Healthy & Eco-FriendlyI'd like Lenexa to have Safe, stable, affordable housing.I'd like Lenexa to have Bridges, Lights, Medians, New LibraryI'd like Lenexa to advance community integration.I'd like Lenexa to have Playgrounds, park, pool hiking trail, job dog parkI'd Like Lenexa to have more outdoor running & biking trailsI'd like Lenexa to be more dog friendly.I'd like Lenexa to add corresponding green space when building out.I'd like Lenexa to have more diverse activitiesI'd like Lenexa to have public activities and musicI'd like Lenexa to be a place with family activities and community events. I'd like Lenexa to be safe and fun for everyone.I'd like Lenexa to have more development at K7 & 83rd. I.E. More businesses!I'd like Lenexa to offer senior outdoor resourcesI'd like Lenexa to be diverseI'd like Lenexa to have community programs (classes, book clubs, etc.)I'd like Lenexa to have soccer fieldsI'd like Lenexa to be green, safe and funI'd Like Lenexa to make the world a better place!I'd like Lenexa to have community gardensI'd like Lenexa to have more restaurants in the industrial corridorI'd like Lenexa to revive Old Town Lenexa
What you see in Lenexa's future
Posted on 07/06/2018
I'd like Lenexa...


What would you like Lenexa to be in 2040? Staff and community volunteers have been out at community events asking you that exact question. And here's just a few things you all had to say!

Published July 6, 2018