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Council approves plan for Quivira Road corridor

Council approves plan for Quivira Road corridor
Posted on 07/20/2018

Redevelopment, transit and placemaking efforts along the Quivira Road corridor have a strategic path forward after the approval of a recent report.

At its July 17 meeting, the Lenexa City Council approved the final report from the Quivira Road Corridor Study. Funded in part by a grant from the Mid-America Regional Council’s Planning Sustainable Places program, the study examined the Quivira Road corridor from 79th Street to 99th Street to make recommendations about appropriate land uses and multimodal transportation opportunities given recent redevelopment activity in the area.

This community-driven process, which began in July 2017, was led by a consultant team, Lenexa city staff, and a stakeholder advisory committee. Public workshops were held throughout the process to allow the people who live in, work in and visit the corridor to provide their input.

The final report includes a series of short-term and long-term recommendations designed to act as a guide to help ensure that each individual project, public or private, that occurs throughout the corridor is well-suited to the community’s vision for the area as a whole.

These recommendations are based around three strategies:

Development: Redevelopment standards to foster the creation of new spaces to accommodate the changing demographics, lifestyles and business needs in the area. Three areas were identified as key locations for redevelopment along the corridor.

The final report suggests suitable and economically viable uses for these sites and recommends that city staff explore code revisions that are more flexible for redevelopment and infill. As developers are interested in improving these areas, staff will take a close look at how their plans complement the final results of the study.

Transportation network: Enhancements to safely and conveniently accommodate all users. Balancing the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and users of public transit was a key goal of the study.

The final report calls for a blend of multi-use paths, bike lanes and other improvements to create safe, comfortable connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists traveling through the corridor.

An upcoming complete streets study will help develop strategies for connections in the corridor that fit cohesively with the city’s overall transportation network.

Several locations for new public transit stops were identified, and the study makes suggestions for enhancing or moving existing transit stops.

Placemaking opportunities: Quality of life, beautification and placemaking enhancements to foster a more cohesive and enjoyable community. The study team found that placemaking elements are important to the corridor’s stakeholders. They wanted to see the area’s unique character enhanced and complemented through beautification elements and wanted to feel safe walking there.

Recommended amenities including street trees, benches, pedestrian scale lighting, uniform/decorative street lighting, and high-visibility decorative crosswalks are practical ways to beautify the corridor.

To read about the project’s background and learn more about the final recommendations, view the Quivira Road Corridor Study Final Report.

About the Quivira Road Corridor Study