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Street Tree Fund helps replace ash trees

Street Tree Fund helps replace ash trees
Posted on 08/28/2018
Trees lining a street

If you have an ash street tree on your property, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement to replace it through the Lenexa Street Tree Replacement Fund.

Ash trees in Lenexa are under threat from the emerald ash borer (EAB), an insect that eventually kills them. Unless treated, all ash trees in Lenexa will eventually become infested by EAB. Many street trees (those located within approximately 15 feet of the curb) planted over the years were ash trees and are dying as a result of EAB.

Lenexa’s Street Tree Replacement Fund will reimburse homeowners up to $200 per property to help offset the cost of replacing ash street trees with other tree varieties. Eligible trees include ash trees that were originally planted as part of the street tree fund.

How to take advantage of the Street Tree Replacement Fund

  1. First contact Curt Talken ( or Danny Huntsinger ( to verify that you are eligible for the program and for preapproval of the replacement tree species.

  2. You purchase and plant the approved tree species as a street tree, within 15 feet of the curb. (It does not have to go in the same location as the ash tree you are replacing).

  3. Lenexa staff will verify you planted the tree in an appropriate location.

  4. You submit a copy of your invoice to city staff, and we will issue you reimbursement of up to $200 per property.

Published Aug. 28, 2018