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A personal trainer can help achieve resolutions

A personal trainer can help you achieve New Year's resolutions
Posted on 12/28/2018

If you’re looking to make physical fitness a priority in the new year, the Lenexa Rec Center’s personal trainers are here to help! These certified professionals can help you meet your resolutions by adding these benefits to your fitness plan:

Accountability: The trainer is there to keep reminding you of WHY you’re doing the work and what you’re looking to gain from all of this effort! We are more accountable when someone is counting on us.

Reduce injury: A trainer will provide the knowledge and expertise needed to reduce your risk for injury and get the most out of your workouts.

Variety: When workouts get boring we start finding reasons not to work out. Trainers are well-versed in making exercise routines diverse and interesting.

FUN!: Our trainers truly believe in our culture of FUN – they’re upbeat, exciting and eager to help. Come have FUN while achieving your fitness goals!

Personal training is available for both members and the general public.

Purchase a personal training package or book a session


A few of the Rec Center’s success stories shared how their experience with a personal trainer improved their fitness.

“I train to push myself to be more disciplined both mentally and physically. Taking care of me helps me take care of everyone else.” – Amy

“I train because I had a bad back, and I needed help finding exercises where I could see results and still move.” – Jason

“I train to get leaner, stronger and push past the limits of what I think my body is capable of.” – Marissa

“I have trouble figuring out what to do for my workouts, and I need to be held accountable so I don’t slack.” – Sheila

“Personal training makes my workouts more enjoyable. Each session is personalized to meet my fitness needs and helps me be accountable.” – Lananh

“I had the opportunity for a free session, and after that one session it was clear my trainer could help me meet my goals. She is an extraordinary personal trainer and teacher. I can honestly say Angela has changed my life!” - Deanna

Published Dec. 28, 2018