Meet the vendor: Salsa Mama

Meet the vendor: Salsa Mama
Posted on 06/18/2019
Erin Schneider stirs salsaErin Schneider is a wife, mother, yoga instructor and self-professed “salsa mama.” Years ago, Erin participated in Relay for Life to fundraiser event to support a friend’s battle with cancer. It was around Cinco de Mayo, and she needed a fundraiser idea to generate money.

Erin remembered that her dad, Dan, used to make some really good salsa — known as “Dan’s famous salsa.” Erin asked him for the recipe, tweaked few things (including adding cilantro) and made the salsa for donations. After that, people increasingly started to ask Erin for her salsa. She continued to make it for charitable causes. Erin loved making salsa, but as her family grew, she had less time to devote to salsa making.  

Fast forward several years. With her kids now older and more self-sufficient, Erin decided to turn back to her Salsa Mama love and develop it into a serious business. Though husband Mark was not a big part of the salsa effort in the early years, today he works alongside Erin as her biggest cheerleader, extra salesperson and salsa-making compadre. 

Erin gets so much joy from making her salsa and seeing how much people enjoy it. The hardest part for her is feeling like she’s not a natural salesperson.

Mark likes to watch people try the salsa because he knows they are going to like it. He says “it’s really simple, it’s just salsa.” It is simple but that’s what makes it so good. Salsa Mama features a delicious balance of smooth and chunky tomatoes, abundant cilantro, sweet onions and a super-secret savory spice blend.

Erin makes the salsa fresh each market day in small batches. She believes her salsa is a way to connect with people. Her motto is “serving the community with love one pint of salsa at a time.” Back in Erin’s Relay for Life days, Erin and Mark’s oldest son, Matthew, drew the company logo at age 5. Salsa Mama still uses that logo today. 

When Erin is not making salsa, she is a wife, busy mother of four children, and a passionate yoga instructor. Stop by Salsa Mama’s booth on Saturdays at the Lenexa Farmers Market and sample some salsa.

Published June 18, 2019