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Lenexa’s LED streetlight replacement program

Lenexa’s LED streetlight replacement program
Posted on 10/28/2019
New LED streetlights in Lenexa The City of Lenexa has been working in phases to convert all the city’s streetlights to LED lights. This program has helped the city save money, conserve energy and provide better quality lighting for nighttime travelers.

Lenexa owns 7,665 streetlights and leases 225 lights from Evergy (KCP&L).

Today, 65% of Lenexa’s streetlights have been converted to LED, and all new lights installed use LEDs. Over the last five years, we’ve installed LED streetlights as part of 50 public improvement projects.

Traditional streetlights use an orange high-pressure sodium (HPS) light source. By switching to LEDs, the city is saving about $300,000 a year in electricity costs.

Operating cost per fixture per month (depends on the time of year)

Cobrahead streetlights

• HPS: $7.50-$15
• LED: $4-$7

Residential streetlights

• HPS: $3-$7
• LED: $1-$3

With an estimated 10-year lifespan and lower energy consumption, LEDs also offer reduced operating and maintenance costs.

The whiter light produced by LEDs makes people and objects considerably more visible at night and enables them to be seen with truer colors and clarity.

Published on Oct. 28, 2019