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Security Measure



The following inspections are conducted by the fire department prevention division. These inspections are scheduled through the prevention captain who conducted the plan review for the project.

Please request an inspection with at least 24 hours advance notice.

Commercial building final inspections for new or remodeled buildings, as well as other inspections not listed below, should be scheduled through Lenexa City Hall by calling 913.477.7725.

Annual Fire & Life Safety

Through annual fire inspections to each business and apartment complex in Lenexa, our Fire Prevention Division tries to reduce the loss of life and property and promote safety through public education and code enforcement.
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Daycare Fire & Life Safety

In-home daycares in Lenexa are inspected annually by the Lenexa Fire Department to ensure all safety requirements are met.

Firefighter Justin Elliott manages the in-home daycare inspection program. For information, call (913) 477-7218 or email jelliott@lenexa.com.

Home Daycare Safety Checklist

Daycare Fire & Life Safety Agreement

Daycare Fire & Tornado Drill Tracking Form

Daycare Rescue Window Requirements

Home Daycare Licenses
Lenexa residents who provide in-home daycare are required by the City of Lenexa to apply for and maintain a home daycare license. Daycare providers are also required to be licensed or registered with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
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Fire Line Visual

Newly installed fire lines require a visual inspection prior to being backfilled. The FD will inspect the line for requirements listed in NFPA 24, to include:
  • Guidewire installation for non-metallic piping
  • Thrust protection at all changes of direction; Must be in contact with undisturbed earth
  • Riser going into a building must be secured with all-thread according to section of 2019 NFPA 24
  • After visual inspection is completed, fire line must be covered in clean gravel, before backfilling native soil

Fire Line Hydro

Hydrostatic test must be witnessed to hold no less that 200psi for 2 hours in accordance with section of 2019 NFPA 24

Fire Line Flush

Fire line shall be flushed and witnessed by Lenexa Fire Department in accordance with section LFD requires the discharge orifice size, including hose, to be no less than half the size of the fire line being flushed. The end of the hose must be secured by a diffuser or other secure means.

Mobile Food Trucks

A partnership plan between the Heart of America Fire Chief’s Association-Fire Prevention Section

Due to the mobility of the food truck vendors throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, the Heart of America’s Fire Chief’s Association – Fire Prevention Section has established a general requirements inspection checklist for the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).

This checklist has been established to help create consistency amongst the AHJ’s and the requirements for food trucks to operate.

MOBILE FOOD PREPERATION VEHICLES. Vehicles that contain cooking equipment that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors for the purpose of preparing and serving food to the public. Vehicles intended for private recreation shall not be considered mobile food preparation vehicles.

Any AHJ has the right to be more restrictive than the general requirements of the inspection checklist.

Operational food trucks should be inspected by the AHJ of the city the food truck’s vehicle registration is licensed in.

The AHJ conducting the inspection has the right to assess a fee set by their governing body to complete the inspection of the food truck.

After a food truck inspection is completed and approved, the AHJ conducting the inspection will apply the approved HOA food truck inspection sticker to the vehicle's front passenger side or in the case of a trailer, to the front passenger side panel.

The operator of the mobile food truck shall have a copy of the current fire inspection report available for review at all times.

AHJ’s of other cities will verify there is a current HOA food truck inspection sticker located on the food truck when a food truck travels to another jurisdiction.

The Fire Code Official for the jurisdiction the mobile food truck is currently operating in may conduct a fire inspection, regardless if a current fire inspection exists, for reasonable cause.

Having the HOA sticker and a current inspection report document does not exempt the food truck owner from meeting all of the requirements for the city the food truck will operating in.

When a food truck does not have a current HOA inspection sticker the AHJ where the food truck will be operating out of can conduct the inspection and provide the owner with the current HOA sticker. When this happens the AHJ who conducted the inspection should notify the AHJ of the food trucks registration city.
Mobile food truck inspection checklist (PDF)

Sprinkler Line Visual

Visual (pre-sheetrock) inspection is required for all above ground sprinkler piping installations and/or alterations prior to being covered. 

Sprinkler System Hydro

Unless permitted by NFPA through, all piping and attached appurtenances subjected to system working pressure shall be hydrostatically tested at 200psi and shall maintain that pressure without loss for 2 hours.

Dry Sprinkler Systems

  • Air pressure leakage test at 40psi shall be conducted for 24hrs (NFPA 13, 25.2.2)
  • System Operational Tests (NFPA 13, 25.2.3)

fire hydrant Private Fire Hydrants Testing & Requirements

The Lenexa Fire Department requires facilities and commercial business property owners to provide documentation for annual fire hydrant testing and inspection.

fire sprinkler sign Fire Protection & Utility Equipment Identification

How to identify fire protection & utility equipment in public buildings. Add more content so the next image is in the right spot

Stairway signageStairway Identification Signs

Public stairways must be properly identified in commercial businesses and facilities.

Fire lane signFire Lane Markings

Fire lanes are designated by the Lenexa Fire Department as required for site and building access, as well as access to fire protection systems. 

Knox box for emergency accessKnoxBox Requirements 

All commercial buildings must have a KnoxBox to hold keys for emergency access.

GIS GuidelinesGIS Guideline Requirements

Lenexa has specific guidelines for GIS submissions.

Parking lot pavement guidelines Parking Lot Pavement Design

The purpose of this policy is to provide the requirements and guidance regarding the design of parking lot pavement profiles in order to provide and maintain adequate emergency access.

Fire watch proceduresFire Watch Procedures

A fire watch is a short-term, emergency measure intended to provide an acceptable level of life safety in a building that has an impaired fire safety system. 


Blasting Permits 

Any contractor planning to blast must first acquire a blasting permit from the Lenexa Fire Department. Blasting within the City of Lenexa must be conducted in accordance with the applicable section of the 2018 International Fire Code, Article 3-6-B of the Lenexa City Code, and regulations adopted by the State of Kansas, K.A.R. 22-4-5./N.F.P.A. 495.
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Burn Permits

A commercial burning permit authorizes the open burning of land clearance materials, uprooted or cleared trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation in connection with construction and other business activities.
LEARN MORE about burn permits

Recreational burning and the use of portable outdoor fireplaces do not require a permit for use at one- and two-family dwellings. Learn more about firepit safety and guidelines.

Building Permits

The Fire Department reviews all commercial building permits to ensure they comply with safety standards and policies such as fire watch requirements, owner's information certificate, GIS requirements and more. 

Building and engineering permits

Fireworks Permits

In an effort to prevent damage to property, reduce burn injuries, and protect lives, fireworks are prohibited within the City of Lenexa, as outlined in Article 3-6-B of the Lenexa City Code. A permit for public displays of fireworks may be granted, in accordance with the above stated article.

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