Home Fire Hazards

The following safety conditions are recommended for all residences.

For more details, download our Home Safety Checklist.


Interior of house
  • Smoke alarms are present and working
  • Portable heaters are away from flammable materials
  • Electrical cords are not damaged
  • Flooring is in good condition
  • Area rugs are secured to floor
  • Rooms are uncluttered to allow for ease of exit




  • Handrail is present and in good condition

  • Steps are in good condition and free of clutter

  • Lighting is adequate & switches are easy to locate





  • Stove top is free of household items

  • Fire extinguisher is present & working

  • A sturdy step stool is on hand

  • Commonly used items are within easy reach




  • Tub and/or shower has nonslip surface

  • Grab bars are installed in tub/shower & by toilet

  • Toilet seat is adjusted to proper height

  • Pathway to bathroom is clear of clutter



Assistive/Medical Devices

Medical devices
  • Devices are in good working condition

  • Emergency plan for power outage

  • Oxygen tubing is not a trip hazard

  • Oxygen tanks are stored safely



Home Exterior

House and yard
  • Home address number is easily seen from street

  • Path to home is free of clutter

  • Lighting is adequate




Pets & Lighting

Pets and lightingDon't forget about pets and lighting!

Make sure pets are cared for properly and all areas of the house have adequate lighting.