Some projects, planning efforts on hold in 2020

Some projects, planning efforts on hold in 2020
Posted on 06/19/2020

Revenue uncertainty and prevention efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic have paused some major public construction projects and long-term planning efforts that were scheduled to start this year.

Planning and visioning processes

Lenexa had three major planning efforts scheduled for this year that must be paused due to efforts to spread the novel coronavirus. Focus groups, interview, community meetings, open houses and surveys allow cities to reach broader demographics and provide a critical spectrum of opinions when preparing any long-term community plans.

We plan to fully engage the public in shaping the future of our community at a time when public health officials agree it is safe to gather, our residents feel safe and the City’s fiscal health is better known. These plans are anticipated to move forward in 2021 as the aforementioned factors are satisfied:

  • A Comprehensive Plan update that will serve as the City’s official policy guide for growth and development.
  • A Parks Master Plan that will provide a long-range vision for Parks & Recreation programs and amenities.
  • An Aquatics Study that will explore the community’s preferences and priorities for outdoor pool offerings. We plan to open all three outdoor Lenexa pools in 2021 as we continue to develop a plan for the future of our aquatics system.

While the coronavirus has also delayed the development of homeless shelter regulations, staff is exploring ways to move the regulations toward the public review process in a safe way. More information will be announcing in the near future.

Public construction projects

Economic woes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to have an impact on some City projects this year. Projected shortfalls in sales/use tax revenues mean vital revenue sources for some City projects will be significantly affected.

Projects that rely on disrupted revenue sources and will therefore be built at a later time include:

  • Community Center and Senior Center improvements
  • 109th Street to College Boulevard storm drainage improvements
  • Ashley Park storm drainage improvements
  • Oakhill storm drainage improvements
  • Public Safety Complex

The scope of some projects may also be reduced to help meet revenue shortfalls. For example, pavement management work on Prairie Star Parkway may be scaled back due to the project’s heavy reliance on sales tax revenue.

Other major projects that have already started construction, are in the late phases of design or use other funding sources are planned to move forward this year.

Published June 29, 2020