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Follow state and local rules for political signs

Follow state and local rules for political signs
Posted on 07/07/2020

Political signs are popping up across Lenexa, and you may be wondering whether some of these signs are displayed in compliance with state and local regulations.  


Temporary signs are typically not allowed in the right of way the area abutting a public street. However, under Kansas statute, political signs are permitted in the right of way 45 days before and two days after an election. Signs for the Nov. 3, 2020, general election can be posted in the right of way Sept. 19 through Nov. 5.


Political signs are not allowed: 

  • In public parks, outside public facilities or on other public property. 
  • Between the back of the curb and a sidewalk or trail, when a sidewalk or trail is located in the right of way.
  • On utility poles, trees, streetlights, bridges, benches or other public structures.
  • In areas where they interfere with intersection sight distances
  • In any part of a highway interchange.

Political signs and other temporary signs can be posted on private property for up to 90 days. These signs must be:

  •  Set 6 feet from the back of the curb. 
  •  Less than 6 square feet in face area and 4 feet in height.
  •  Less than 5 pounds in weight, including both the sign and the mounting system.
  •  Placed with the permission of the property owner. 

If you spot a sign that you believe violates City code or Kansas statute, let us know by calling 913.477.7500. Our staff will check out the sign and take appropriate action, which may include removing the sign. 

Updated Aug. 27, 2020