Treat or remove your ash tree soon

Treat or remove your ash tree soon
Posted on 07/10/2020

The destructive effects of the emerald ash borer on Lenexa’s tree population are exceptionally prevalent this summer. If there’s an ash tree on your property, take steps now to avoid having to pay for an emergency tree removal or repairs to property damaged by falling trees or limbs. 


Identify ash trees and signs of infestation 

The emerald ash borer (EAB) – a beetle that is deadly to all types of ash trees – is expected to kill 98 percent of the region’s ash trees. Under City code, property owners are responsible for removing dead or dying trees, whether they’re located along the street or in the backyard.  


EAB only affects ash trees. If you think a tree on your property may be an ash, use an identification guide to determine the tree’s species. 


Signs of emerald ash borer infestation include:

  •  D-shaped exit holes in the bark that are about 1/8 inch wide. 
  •  S-shaped tunnels just under the bark 
  •  Thinning leaves or branches 
  •  Vertical splits in the bark 
  •  Unusual shoots on the main trunk or base of the tree 
  •  Damage from woodpeckers 

Decide whether to treat or remove your tree 

If an ash tree looks healthy and shows few signs of EAB, you may be able to treat the tree with pesticidesIf you decide to treat the tree, you must continue to do so for the duration of the tree’s life. A certified arborist can help you determine whether this is a good option for your tree and administer professional treatment.  


If the tree looks unhealthy and shows signs of infestation, it should be removed. Homeowners may be able to remove smaller trees. If you’d prefer to hire a professional, we encourage homeowners to contact insured contractors with certified arborists on staff. 

If you live in an a neighborhood with several ash trees, see if your HOA is willing to solicit group bids from tree removal services to get better pricing. 


Consider replacing your tree 

While replacing your tree isn’t required,  we encourage you to do so to keep our urban forest thriving and beautiful. Our parks staff have compiled a list of recommended trees for you to consider.


If you are removing an ash tree near the street, you may be eligible for Lenexa’s street tree replacement program . We will provide a 50% refund on the cost of replacing an ash tree, up to $200 per property.

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Published July 10, 2020