Recycling conversations continue in Lenexa

Recycling conversations continue in Lenexa
Posted on 02/03/2021
Several residents have reached out to the City seeking clarification about communication concerning Waste Management and recycling services. For a bit of background, Waste Management approached the City several months ago and requested that the City amend its Code to allow waste haulers to collect recycling every other week (biweekly), as opposed to weekly.

At that time, Waste Management had already communicated to a number of its Homeowner Associations and individual customers that the change to biweekly pickup was going to take effect in January 2021. When reminded that current City Code requires weekly pickup, Waste Management indicated to the City that it would withhold this change while the City studied the issue and decided on the best path forward. As part of the City’s study of the request, we conducted a resident survey in late January/early February to gain valuable feedback on this topic.

We are aware that Homeowner Association and individual Waste Management customers recently received flyers stating that new, larger carts will be provided in the coming weeks and that Waste Management is working with cities toward biweekly pickup. The City’s study of Waste Management’s request is still ongoing and we have not yet determined how the City will move forward. The City of Lenexa does not regulate cart size but we understand that is a component of reviewing Waste Management’s request to allow biweekly pickup.

We appreciate residents' concern about this issue and assure you that we are actively working to determine a course of action that best balances the complex needs of our residents and our solid waste providers. We will keep you updated through the City's website and encourage you to subscribe to My Lenexa News for additional updates as they become available.

Updated Feb. 18, 2021