We’re ready for road work

We’re ready for road work
Posted on 03/08/2021
As temperatures warm, road construction projects are expected to ramp up across Lenexa. The temporary inconvenience of lane closures and traffic delays will result in smoother, safer streets, better-flowing traffic and a longer lifespan for Lenexa’s critical infrastructure, among other benefits.

To keep up with how these projects may impact your travel, sign up for Road Closure Alerts at Lenexa.com/Enews. These email notices are sent before work starts on projects that could significantly affect travel.

87th Street Parkway & I-435 interchange
Renner Boulevard to Maurer Road

With nearly 50,000 cars a day traveling along this corridor, keeping good traffic flow was a critical goal when planning the phases of this extensive improvement project. Work is expected to continue through 2021 and finish up in summer 2022.
Phase 1 will focus on the north side of the corridor including widening westbound 87th Street Parkway, trail realignment, widening southbound Maurer Road and improvements to the north side I-435 ramps.

Phase 2 will include work on the south side of the corridor: widening eastbound 87th Street Parkway, trail realignment and improvements to the south side I-435 ramps.

During these phases, much of the work will occur behind the current curb and should have minimal impacts to traffic. Short closures are expected at different stages of these phases and will impact:

  • One lane of 87th Street Parkway in each direction and one lane of southbound Maurer Road.
  • I-435 ramps (full or partial closures).
  • Adjacent sidewalks and trails.

Phase 3 will focus on building median islands along 87th Street Parkway. While this work will require longer lane closures, it will occur after the road has been widened.

Quivira Road
75th Street to 87th Street Parkway

Infrastructure upgrades along Quivira Road are expected to start in spring and last through fall 2021.

The improvements, which feature recommendations from the 2017 Quivira Road Corridor Study, include:

  • Replacement of deteriorated curbs, medians and ADA ramps.
  • Mill and asphalt overlay.
  • Improvements to traffic signals at 77th, 79th, 81st, 83rd and 85th streets.
  • New LED streetlights.
  • Storm sewer improvements.
  • Construction of a northbound right-turn lane and lengthening of the northbound left-turn lane at 83rd Street and Quivira.
  • Construction of an eastbound right-turn lane on 83rd Street at Quivira.

Prairie Star Parkway and K-7 interchange
Several improvements at Prairie Star Parkway and Kansas Highway 7 are expected to begin in summer 2021. The project will include: 

  • New traffic signals on Prairie Star Parkway at the ramp terminals to northbound and southbound K-7.
  • Minor exit ramp widening and realignment.
  • New median on Prairie Star Parkway at Hedge Lane.
  • Removal of the Hedge Lane connection on the north side of Prairie Star Parkway. 
  • Mill and overlay from Hedge Lane to the bridge just east of Monticello Terrace.
  • Pavement marking and signing improvements.

Pavement Management Program
Lenexa's annual Pavement Management Program will resurface several neighborhood streets and thoroughfares including:

  • Greystone Estates
  • Greystone Estates South
  • Prairie Star Parkway from its westernmost point to the bridges west of Ridgeview Road
  • Woodland Road from 95th Street to Prairie Star Parkway
  • Renner Boulevard from College Boulevard to the south city limits
  • Strang Line Road from Greenwood Street to the south city limits

Learn more at Lenexa.com/PMP.

Updated April 5, 2021