Meet the police department’s new comfort dog

Meet the police department’s new comfort dog
Posted on 08/16/2021

This summer, the Lenexa Police Department welcomed a new member to the team! Lexi Blue is a 6-month-old goldendoodle who will serve as the department’s first comfort dog.

Over the course of their careers, officers, dispatchers and other first responders are exposed to traumatic events and crises at a rate significantly higher than the average person. Lexi’s presence around the police station and participation in department mental health activities will serve to provide comfort to members of the police department.

Additionally, Lexi will be available to provide comfort to those outside of the department such as crime victims and individuals involved in traumatic events such as serious car crashes or personal crises. Lexi will also make public appearances and educational visits around the community.
Corporal Megan Larson, who is part of the School Resource Unit, will serve as Lexi’s handler.

Published Aug. 16, 2021