Volunteer Photographers

Bird at Craig Crossing Park in Lenexa.Kids pole fishing at Spinach Festival at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.Kids playing yard games at a Movie in the Park.Railroad tracks covered in snow in Old Town Lenexa.Lenexa BBQ Battle at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.

Photo by Ric Westman.

Photo by Wendy Delzeit.

Photo by Lauren Walke.

Photo by Leigh Mitchell.

Photo by Bill Harrison.

The City of Lenexa uses volunteer photographers to help capture what life is like in Lenexa. You can serve as a scenic photographer, event photographer, or both.

Scenic Photographers

We like to capture and share everyday life Lenexa. Scenic photographers capture native plants and wildlife, sunrises and sunsets, parks and trails and/or yourself and people you know enjoying Lenexa. These photos can be spontaneous or posed. 

Scenic photographers can email their high-resolution photo(s) to communications@lenexa.com. Depending on the quantity of photos you submit, you may be asked to upload your images to a specific site. Upon submitting your image(s) you also agree to give the City permission to use your images.

Also, if you post your photos on social media, please tag them with #SeeLenexa. Every other month we select a few photos from social for the back cover of TownTalk

Event Photographers

Event photographers capture City festivals, events and programs. Event photographers receive periodic emails with upcoming photo opportunities and sign up in advance to take photos.

Event photographers are assigned their own upload site. This site URL is not to be shared with others. They also receive a volunteer badge for identification purposes and the City tracks their volunteer hours. Event photographers also agree to the following:

Event Photographer Requirements 

  1. Photo submissions: Volunteers who take photographs at City events, programs, and activities shall upload photos in a high-quality JPEG/JPG format within forty-eight (48) hours, or an otherwise agreed upon time to their assigned location.

  2. Background checks: Event volunteers will be required to provide the City of Lenexa with any and all necessary information to complete a background check.

  3. Appearance: Whenever a volunteer is photographing at any City-sponsored event, the volunteer agrees to wear attire that is suitable for that event. The volunteer also will wear identification provided by the City while they are actively taking photos at the event.

  4. Equipment and transportation: Volunteers must provide and use their own cameras and other necessary equipment. Transportation is not provided by the City and volunteers are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from assignments.

  5. Read and sign the Volunteer Photographer Agreement and email it to thammes@lenexa.com. Volunteers can also drop off their completed agreement or mail it to:
    Lenexa City Hall
    ATTN: Communications Dept.
    17101 W. 87th St. Pkwy.
    Lenexa, KS 66219

Volunteer photographer agreement  


For more information about Lenexa’s Volunteer Photography Program or about uploading your photos, please contact Tasha Hammes at thammes@lenexa.com.

Volunteer photographer FAQs

How do I find out if an event is canceled?

For festivals and major events, check Lenexa.com/Festivals
For Lenexa Parks & Recreation programs, there are a few options:

  • Free mobile app: Download the Rainout Line app for free from your phone's app store. Once downloaded, search for "Lenexa" and favorite the relevant options.
  • Email/text: Go to Rainoutline.com and search for "Lenexa."
  • Phone: call 913.477.7170 follow the extension for your desired program area.
  • Online: visit Lenexa.com/Cancellations

Do I have to pay to attend events I am photographing?

If an event requires paid admission, City Communications staff will make advance arrangements for you to get in free of charge.

How do I show I’m a volunteer with the City?

Volunteer photographers need to wear their issued volunteer badge to events and special assignments. Established volunteers also have vests that identify them.

Do I need to ask for permission to take photos of people?

Waivers from people on public property or attending festivals are not required. However, if someone indicates they do not wish to be photographed, please refrain from taking their photo.

How will my photos be used?

Communications staff will use selected photos in internal communications, community e-newsletters, printed magazines, brochures, and signs, as well as in advertisements and promotions, on social media sites, websites, videos, etc. We also often share images with media outlets.

Will the City give me credit if they use my image(s)?

City communications staff will always try to give volunteers credit for their work, however sometimes due to space constraints and/or the medium or outlet, credit cannot be guaranteed.

Does the City need me to track my hours?

It is not required, but we do like to recognize our volunteers. Please estimate and log hours for events and special assignments you photograph. If you do not submit an estimated time spent, we do our best to guess for you. For events, we typically estimate three hours.

If I upload my photos to your site, can I still use these photos in my personal portfolio?

Yes. Photos you submit to us can be used in your personal portfolio if they do not violate the rules in the Volunteer Photographer Agreement.

I’m trying to grow my business. Can I promote my talents with the city?

Volunteer photographers may not hand out business cards to promote their services while representing the City or use the City name or logo in endorsing their photos.