Wayside horns sounding in Old Town

Wayside horns sounding in Old Town
Posted on 12/01/2021

There's a new, quieter sound alerting Old Town Lenexa to passing trains. Installation and testing of the new wayside horns at the Pflumm and Noland Road railroad crossings is now complete. 

The City of Lenexa has been working with BNSF Railway to install wayside horns at two crossings in Old Town since 2018. Wayside horns are stationary horns which emit a targeted train sound that alerts drivers to oncoming trains. They’re an effective way to reduce noise pollution from trains, which has long been a priority for the residents and businesses who live near the crossings.

Construction on the new horns wrapped up in mid-July 2021. The City then began working to coordinate testing of the new horns with the railroad and resolve issues identified during this process.

Early in November, the railroad indicated that the preparation work was completed and that the City could issue the Notice of Establishment (NOE) to finalize the connection of the horn system with the railroad crossing control system. Lenexa staff issued the NOE setting Dec. 1, 2021, as the date that the trains should stop sounding their horns and the wayside horns would be turned on permanently.

Railroad staff confirmed that the horns were fully activated and that notice was sent to the engineers to stop sounding their train horns on Dec. 1. However, you could still hear train horns sound occasionally – trains can sound their horns at crossings with wayside horns if there is a safety concern, such as workers in the area.

Published Dec. 1, 2021