Express yourself through Lenexa’s arts programs

Express yourself through Lenexa’s arts programs
Posted on 02/16/2022
Express yourself through Lenexa Parks & Recreation arts programs

Take a deep breath. Look around. Notice something new or look at something in a different way. When you stop to reflect, you can find beauty and innovation everywhere. Now is a great time to revive your creativity, challenge your mind and practice healthy self-expression. 

How can you do this? Through the arts! 

Lenexa Parks & Recreation is proud to offer a range of artistic outlets to provide a meaningful balance to one’s life. Discover new ways to move your body or make music. Learn to create custom floral arrangements. Practice honing your words or develop comedic performance and improv skills. Experiment with different art forms — from painting and drawing to sculpture to 3D design.

Artistic exploration can build confidence, help manage emotions, regulate stress, renew positivity and strengthen self-identity. In today’s fast-paced world, participating in the arts also helps one remain more engaged and present in the moment. 

So how do you share your thoughts and ideas? When was the last time you engaged in art as a means of self-expression? How have you encouraged a friend or family member to do so? 

Upcoming arts programs:

  • Music & Movement Classes (ages 2–6)
  • Art Classes (ages 612)
  • Missoula Children’s Theatre Camp (ages 6–18) 
  • Sunflower Writers Workshop (ages 16+)
  • Comedy & Improv Acting Classes (ages 16+)
  • Floral Design Classes (ages 16+)
  • Dance Classes (all ages)
  • Photography Classes (ages vary)

Learn more and register for arts programs

Lenexa Parks & Recreation also offers a variety of free arts events to the community throughout the year. Enjoy live music, fine art or small theatrical performances? Check out the Lenexa Art Fair, City Center Live, Outdoor Concert Series, Lenexa Community Orchestra concerts, and the latest exhibits displayed in the City Hall art gallery.


Published Feb. 16, 2022