Simple summer maintenance tips

Simple summer maintenance tips
Posted on 04/18/2022

Get your home in shape before the summer heat. Maintaining and inspecting your home’s exterior can keep yourself and others safe, save you from costly repairs and avoid common City Code violations, which are in place to keep our City flourishing.

  • Pick up dog waste and properly dispose of it. Pet waste is not just nasty to step in — it’s a source of harmful bacteria that negatively effects water quality. Poor water quality is costly to treat, which results in higher water bills.
  • Store waste containers behind the building line of your home. Trash, recycling and yard waste containers should only be curbside the day of your trash hauler’s pickup.
  • Dispose of yard waste correctly. Use paper yard waste bags, a dedicated container, or your compost pile for leaves, grass and sticks. Make sure your yard debris doesn’t end up in the street or storm drain. This affects flooding and water quality.
  • Keep your grass mowed to the right length. Grass (including weeds) on residential properties may not exceed 8 inches. Trim around landscaping, mailboxes, and fire hydrants. Other properties must keep their grass under 12 inches. On large pieces of land (one or more acres), the City may make exceptions and only require a perimeter mow.
  • Trim trees. Trees near sidewalks need 8 feet of clearance above the path, which protects walkers and bicyclists. Check all trees for hanging limbs that could be dangerous, and consult with an arborist if trees look diseased.
  • Clean your gutters out. Clogged gutters can result in wood rot and standing water around your foundation.

Common Code Violations

Published April 18, 2022