Fungi to fork: Try these mushrooms

Fungi to fork: Try these mushrooms
Posted on 06/01/2022
containers of mushrooms on table

Are you a fungi fanatic? We’re happy to report that fresh, local mushrooms are back at the Lenexa Farmers Market this year. Get them at Jessica and Gillian Power’s Moonlight Prairie Farm vendor booth on Saturday mornings. 

This woman-owned farm near Gardner, Kansas, offers an intriguing variety of mushrooms grown by neighboring Moose Paw Farm in Spring Hill.

Here’s a rundown on the types of mushrooms available:


King Trumpet 

  • What they’re like: This is a large member of the oyster mushroom family with a meaty texture and rich umami flavor. 
  • How to use them: Easy to shred and use as meat replacement for barbecue sandwiches or tacos.

Grey Dove Oyster 

  • What they’re like: Subtle, savory flavor and a tender, slightly chewy texture. 
  • How to use them: They are excellent fried, sautéed, or added to sauces and other dishes. 

Black Pearl

  • What they’re like: Earthy, umami flavor that perfect for a meatless main or as part of another dish. 
  • How to use them: You can use the entire mushroom — the cap and the stem.


  • What they’re like: Earthy flavor and a subtle fruit-like taste, but they smell more like butterscotch or cashews. 
  • How to use them: Their flavor is enhanced when sautéed, and the silky texture withstands the sautéing process well, also good for soups.

Freckled Chestnut 

  • What they’re like: Their mild earthy flavor has a slightly peppery finish, and people often describe them as buttery and nutty. They taste similar to shiitake mushrooms but milder, with a distinct nutty umami flavor that gives them their name. 

Lion’s Mane 

  • What they’re like: Their shaggy look truly resembles a lion’s mane! These mushrooms are delicate, tender, juicy and meaty, and have scientifically proven brain-boosting medicinal properties.

Published June 1, 2022