Top tips for navigating election season

Top tips for navigating election season
Posted on 06/28/2022

The midterm election is coming up in November. Make sure you know Lenexa’s rules for political signs and soliciting.

Political signs

The below rules apply for political signs during an election period, which is 45 days before and two days after any primary, general or special election. Some of these rules change outside an election period or for other types of temporary signs – see our temporary signs page for more information.

Signs that are placed illegally may be removed and disposed of.  

  • Signs cannot go in city parks or on other public property – like public pools or medians, the Police Department, Community Center or City Hall. They also can’t go on public structures like utility poles, trees, streetlights, bridges or benches.
  • Signs may not be placed in areas where they could interfere with intersection sight distances. They also cannot be located in any part of a highway interchange. For example: the entrance and exit ramps to a highway.
  • Ask the property owner if you can place the sign. If you place a sign on private property without permission, the property owner can remove and dispose of the sign. This is the case for both residential and commercial property.
  • Signs must be set back at least six feet from the back of the curb. They cannot be placed between the curb and a sidewalk or trail.
  • There are certain size restrictions based on the type of property. On typical residential lots, signs may not be larger than 6 square feet in area or more than 4 feet tall. They may not weigh more than five pounds, including both the sign and its mounting system.

Door-to-door soliciting

Even if you have a No Solicitors sticker, political campaigners are allowed to approach your home. No Solicitors stickers don’t apply for non-commercial solicitation including political speech, campaigning, religious speech and other altruistic or humanitarian causes.

They may not leave pamphlets on your vehicle.

More election information

You can learn more about voting in Lenexa through the Johnson County Election Office. At, you’ll find information about voting locations, candidate information, sample ballots and more.

Key upcoming election dates include:

  • Oct. 18: Deadline to register to vote or update registration
  • Oct. 19: Advance voting by mail begins
  • Oct. 22: Advance voting in person begins
  • Nov. 1: Last day to request a ballot by mail
  • Nov. 8: General Election

Updated Aug. 3, 2022