Stay hydrated with citrus water this summer

Stay hydrated with citrus water this summer
Posted on 07/21/2022
citrus fruit halves splashed with water

During hot summer days, it's important to keep your body well hydrated. Water is vital to every bodily function. Fail to drink enough of it, and your physical performance will suffer during intense exercise or high heat. 

Think plain water tastes boring? Try a delicious citrus-infused water instead. It's simple to prepare at home using fresh fruit — without preservatives or added sugar. Here's how:

  1. Thoroughly wash any citrus fruit before you use it.

  2. Fill up a pitcher of water. Put in several slices of citrus fruit. (This can be a mixture of lemon, lime and oranges to add more flavor.)

  3. Serve immediately. For optimal taste, refrigerate it for at least an hour.

  4. Pour it into a glass with ice for a light, refreshing drink this summer.

Published July 21, 2022