One pill can kill

One pill can kill
Posted on 09/06/2022

Did you know that counterfeit prescription pills bought and sold illicitly often contain lethal doses of drugs such as fentanyl or methamphetamine? Many times, these pills are made to resemble prescription opioids (painkillers), stimulants like Adderall, or other legitimate medications. Sadly, overdose deaths can occur by consuming just one of these fake pills.

The only safe medications are ones that you are certain came from licensed and accredited medical professionals or businesses. The Drug Enforcement Administration warns that pills purchased outside of a licensed pharmacy are illegal, dangerous and potentially lethal.

Make sure your drugs are safe

Keep your prescription drugs out of the wrong hands. Bring any old, unused or expired drugs to the Lenexa Police Department. Simply dump any pills you no longer use into a zipper storage bag and drop them off in the disposal bin in the lobby anytime day or night.

Learn more about drug disposal

Published September 6, 2022