Community Visioning

Lenexa residents have led two successful community visioning processes called Vision 2020 and Vision 2030. These efforts are examples of our ongoing commitment to involve our residents in creating the vision and goals for Lenexa’s future. Vision 2020 and Vision 2030 gave residents from all parts of Lenexa the opportunity to work together and exchange ideas, discuss important issues and create documented reports that are still used to guide Lenexa’s growth and planning efforts.

Vision 2020

Our citizens created the Vision 2020 plan in 1997, outlining their priorities as Lenexa continued to grow. They identified six key issue areas: community spirit and recreation, commercial development, residential development, economic development, education, and infrastructure and transportation.

Vision 2020 Plan

Vision 2030

In 2008, Vision 2030 gave our residents the opportunity to revisit the plans made a decade earlier and refine the ideas to reflect Lenexa’s growth. We held community forums to gather citizen input, and dozens of community members served on task forces focused on seven key areas: community spirit and amenities, education and learning, housing and neighborhoods, infrastructure and transportation, safe and healthy community, strong economic base and sustainable, quality community growth.

Vision 2030 Plan