Divisions & Special Teams


The Lenexa Fire Department is organized into four divisions to manage functional areas of responsibilities and fire department operations; Administration, Fire Prevention, Operations, and Professional Development. Each division is led by a chief officer as indicated in the descriptions below.


Stan Myrtle

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Division Chief Stan Myrtle is currently leading this division which is responsible for analyzing, developing, leading, and implementing comprehensive and effective programs that will provide the highest level of service and protection to the community. This position works closely with all divisions in the department to ensure sound implementation of the department strategic direction and operational effectiveness through the identification and alignment of objectives and resources. Chief Myrtle is responsible for human resource and finance related matters and serves as the liaison to these and other City departments.

Fire Prevention

Andrew Diekemper

[email protected]

The Fire Prevention Division is led by Division Chief Andrew “Butch” Diekemper. The Fire Prevention Division oversees a diverse collection of community risk reduction programs. These programs include thorough annual inspections of all commercial occupancies, plan reviews and inspections of all new construction, tenant finishes, and building remodels. Our team places an emphasis on community public education, led by passionate members of our organization. Fire scene investigators provide fire trending data through investigations that help drive our yearly educational programs. We take great pride in our business partnerships and the relationships we build with the members of our community. These relationships foster a pro-active mindset of safety for those who live, work, and visit our city.

“Through education, engineering, enforcement, emergency response, economic incentives and everyone being involved, together we can make a difference.” 

Operations Division 

Scott Hoch

[email protected] 

The Operations Division is led by Deputy Chief Scott Hoch. The division provides all hazards incident response. It encompasses all operations personnel divided into three shifts: A, B and C that are managed by a battalion chief shift commander. The department's logistics support is also managed in this division by a battalion chief.  Additionally, this division contains technical rescue teams comprised of select personnel from each shift: 

  • Confined space/high-angle/cave rescue: This team mitigates high-angle, confined space and cave rescue emergencies. These members are trained and certified in multiple rescue disciplines. Utility apparatus is outfitted with confined space, rope and cave/mine rescue equipment. Most operations members are certified as rope rescue technicians and trained in basic confined space/cave rescue techniques for team support. 

Professional Development Division 

Don Tinsley

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The Professional Development Division is led by Division Chief Don Tinsley. This division oversees the management and coordination of the department’s training, professional development, and UAS programs. The professional development programs include fire operations training, emergency medical services training, technology influences and advancement, credentialing and fire analytics.