Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire ExtinguisherWe provide free fire extinguisher training to companies, organizations and groups. Typically, on-duty firefighters will come to your location to provide the training. Training can include classroom lecture with a supportive video and/or practical hands-on training. The classroom training requires a suitable space with a TV or projector capable of playing a DVD. 

The hands-on training uses a specialized, portable burn prop, which burns propane and creates a contained and controlled fire. Trained fire service personnel can extinguish the fire by releasing safety controls on a handheld controller. You will be given the chance to approach the fire, and a firefighter will walk you through how to use a fire extinguisher. Your organization or group will need to provide the fire extinguishers for the training. Typically, the company which services your on-site extinguishers can provide extras for the training.  

Schedule a training

To schedule a training, use the online Fire Extinguisher class registration form or call the Lenexa Fire Department business office at 913.888.6380, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.