Building Addressing

Time is of the essence and seconds could count when we are called to respond to the scene of a medical or fire emergency.  

When you call 911 and our fire crews are dispatched to respond, we are given an address. While that address will give us the general location of your emergency, firefighters must then pinpoint the exact location using building addresses they see. That’s why having your address clearly marked on your home or building is important. Not only could it help emergency crews get to your home faster in an emergency, it can also help your neighbors in the same situation.  

We follow the Unified Development Code for building addressing guidelines. See Section 4-8-B-11. General guidelines include:  

  • You should have legible and visible building numbers visible from the street. The numbers should contrast with the building’s background and be at least 4 inches (residential) or 5 inches (commercial/industrial) tall.    

  • Single-family homes and duplexes should be legible and visible from the street even in darkness and inclement weather.