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Clear snow from walkways and fire hydrants

Clear snow from walkways and fire hydrants
Posted on 10/24/2016
Clear snow

It's a good practice to keep sidewalks, walkways and driveways clear of snow this winter. While Lenexa does not have an ordinance requiring residents to remove snow from their property, it is the neighborly thing to do. Many children and adults rely on the city's network of sidewalks to get around. Snow-covered sidewalks can force people to walk in the street, which can be particularly dangerous in winter. Keep this in mind after the next snowfall.

Have a fire hydrant in front of your home or business? Winter storms often bury hydrants, making it difficult for firefighters to locate them quickly in case of emergency. First responders lose precious minutes needed to fight fires when they have to spend time digging out a hydrant. After a snowfall, shovel a three-foot-area around the hydrant and a path out to the street to maintain clear access.