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Planning and Zoning

Aerial view of a construction siteOur Planning and Zoning Division helps with current and long-range planning in Lenexa. We are responsible for:

  • Development proposals

  • Requests for rezoning

  • Special-use permits

  • Site plan and subdivision approval

  • Updating the Comprehensive Plan

  • Initiating amendments to the Unified Development Code

Comprehensive Plan

Our Comprehensive Plan is the official guide for growth and development. It includes overall principles that reflect our desired policy direction, as well as specific plans and recommendations for implementing those ideas. The City will be initiating a major update to the Comprehensive Plan in 2021, and future land uses and policies reflected in the current plan may change upon completing the major update. You are encouraged to contact staff at 913.477.7725 with any questions about the Lenexa Comprehensive Plan. 

Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals

The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing, making recommendations related to, and approving various planning and zoning items. It has final approval on some development applications, while also making recommendations to the Governing Body on other development applications.

The Planning Commission also serves as the Board of Zoning Appeals. In some instances, a property owner may request a variance or exception from the requirements of the Unified Development Code.

Development Resources

You can consult several planning-related resources as part of the development review process.