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Preparing for Your Career

Officers standing talking to eachotherOur Mission: ​Working in partnership to protect and serve the community with honor, integrity and professionalism.

Preparing Yourself

We believe in our mission statement and hire personnel in line with it. We are looking for career-minded public servants. Our citizens, our administration and our staff demand that we are honest, ethical, law-abiding, hard-working professionals. If you want to become be part of our team, it’s important that you instill and maintain these standards in your own life. While it’s never too late to start a law enforcement career, you should review our automatic disqualifiers and minimum qualifications to see if they apply to you.


To be eligible, you must possess a high school diploma or G.E.D. A bachelor’s degree or college courses in criminal justice is preferred but not required.


You will take a timed, written police officer selection test that measures the basic skills needed to perform successfully as a police officer. Areas tested include basic arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling and incident report writing. You should focus on these skills when preparing for this test.

Physical fitness

If you pass the written test, you will be invited to take a fitness assessment as part of the application process. The test is designed on a functional fitness model, which consists of the following: Beep test (measure of aerobic capacity), dumbell bench press (40% of body weight, maximum reps), plank (hold for time), squat (no weight, max reps in one minute). 

Be thorough, honest and professional

Once you apply, your conduct and performance throughout the hiring process is evaluated. This begins with the application itself. Be thorough, honest and professional in completing the application and throughout the hiring process.