Steering Committee & Citizen Task Force

Group of people looking at a cameraVision 2040 was a citizen-led strategic visioning process, with much of the work occurring in late 2018. The process was overseen by two Community Co-Chairs and 16 Steering Committee members. They engaged more than 150 residents during in-person meetings to discuss emerging strategies and refine the vision. 

Community Co-Chairs

Mayor Mike Boehm appointed Lenexa residents Stacy Knipp and Mike Stein to lead the Vision 2040 community engagement and steering committee. As Vision 2040 Community Co-Chairs, they played an integral role in recruiting community participants, sharing information with the community, and providing guidance on community input and strategy recommendations.

Steering Committee

A steering committee, including individuals with diverse interests,  was formed for the visioning process. Different demographic groups, various business sectors and individuals from different geographic areas of the city were represented. The Steering Committee consisted of people who:

  • Have a pulse on a variety of issues the community faces.

  • Consider the interests of others and all sides of an issue.

  • Think futuristically, strategically and holistically about the community.

  • Can lead the community during implementation.

The Vision 2040 Steering Committee met from June 2018 to March 2019. Steering Committee members also assisted with community engagement events. During the Vision 2040 process, the Steering Committee:

  • Developed recommendations for the engagement process.

  • Engaged other community members.

  • Created guiding principles and evaluated vision strategies based upon these principles.

  • Listened to the community’s input into the vision.

  • Considered recommendations from the Citizen Task Force. 

  • Came to consensus around the recommended vision and strategies.

  • Attended the meeting where final recommendations of the Steering Committee were made to the Mayor and City Council.

Steering Committee guiding principles

The Steering Committee agreed upon a set of guiding principles that they would ensure influenced the final vision. They are:

  • PROGRESSIVE: innovative and pioneering, pushing the envelope from what has been done before.

  • INCLUSIVE: respects and values community members from diverse backgrounds, abilities, viewpoints and experiences.

  • CREATIVE: inventive and original.

  • FORWARD-THINKING: rooted in emerging trends and the possibilities of the future.

  • COMMUNITY-BUILDING: brings people together, creating connectedness and a sense of belonging.

  • ACHIEVABLE: realistic, having a high probability of successful completion.

  • MEASURABLE: the outcome can be observed and quantified.

  • ADAPTIVE: the strategy is flexible and can change when unforeseen events or conditions arise.

  • DISTINCTLY LENEXA: reflects the unique character of our community

Citizen Task Force

Over 150 community members volunteered to serve on one of the Citizen Task Force groups. The Citizen Task Force met with the Steering Committee and city staff to discuss focus areas, receive information, evaluate trends, develop recommendations and screen draft vision strategies.

Over time, the work of the Steering Committee and Citizen Task Force evolved into the
framework for Vision 2040:

Steering Committee Members

Community Co-Chairs

Stacy Knipp and Mike Stein

Committee Members

Ryan Biery

Heidi Cashman

Wayne Dothage

Drew Hofrichter

David Kornfeld

Tony Kulesa

Charles Loughman

Lewis Lowry

Rich (Richard) Morgan

Adrian O’Hara

Larry (Lawrence) Shepard

Enaam Shull

Julie Steiner

Abby Stuke

Lisa Tomlinson

Jason Wollum

Citizen Task Force Members

Brian Andren

 Syed Hasan

 Gary Link

 Angela Schmidt

 Anthony Arnold

 Brian Hawk

 Carl Litif

 Craig Schmidt

 Brett Bachelor

 Chris Hemmen

 Nicholas Lockrow

 Taylor Schmidt

 Tanner Banion

 Eric Hess

 PJ Longman

 Keely Schneider

 Judi Barkema

 Lauranne Hess

 Karola Luckett

 Colin Shanahan

 Jill Bergthold

 George Hersh

 Lynn Malir

 Jeff Shull

 Darcie Bertholf

 Paul Higbie

 Jeff Mark

 Justin Sinkler

 Laura Boler

 Tyler Hilker

 Lynn Marten

 Arthur Smith

 Janice Brandt

 Shannon Hiss

 Anna Mason

 Pat Smithson

 James Buffington

 Tania Hoar

 Danny McGrail

 Tom Solon

 Rose Buffington

 Nancy Houchin

 Michael McVey

 Tom Soptick

 Bob Burgdorfer

 Jo Ella Hoye

 Dave Mennenga

 Cindy St. John

 Cindy Burgdorfer

 Alex Hummel

 Megan Merryman

 Jim Stearman

 Jennifer Cairns

 Katharine Hunter

 Chris Nafus

 Matt Stephens

 Rebecca Coleman

 Valerie Jansen

 Brad Neaderhiser

 Joyce Stewart

 Christopher Colliatie

 Mark Jarvis

 Ian Newlin

 John Steyer

 Jim Conkright

 Rebecca Johann

 Sandy Nichols

 Shellie Sullivan

 Logan Cook

 Benjamin Johnson

 Susan Norris

 Mark Sweany

 Jennifer Curtiss

 Karen Johnson

 Anna Page

 Dinah Sykes

 Bruce Daniel

 David Jones

 Vihang Paralkar

 Jeffrey Sykes

 Lina Daniel

 Kathy Kaleko

 Sam Patrick

 Amanda Szabo-Reed

 Sunny Dharod

 Parker Kaleko

 Cathie Peterson

 Judy Tuckness

 Allison Dreiling

 Tom Kaleko

 James Pias

 Gaylene Van Horn

 Michael Elliott

 Kaylie Kappelmann

 Kelly Plaas

 Jannie Waller

 Karol Farrell

 Elena Khoury

 Doug Polson

 Marisel Walston

 Jo Feldmann

 Steve Kibbee

 Pam Polson

 Christine Watkins

 Mark Franz

 Jackie Kindred

 Heath Reed

 Barb Wells

 Lynna Goldsby

 Kristin Kippes

 Thomas Renich

 Andrew Wendel

 Austin Gress

 Brian Kloster

 Rob Robinson

 Melissa Westbrook

 Marlys Grimes

 Robin Kloster

 Lee Roediger

 Kristin Whitehair

 Kimball Hales

 Kristen Knipp

 Bryce Rogers

 Adam Willey

 Laura Hales

 Evie Kowalewski

 Dale Romme

 Brandon Woodard

 Phil Hammond

 Grant Lambert

 Michael Ruble

 Brooke Wurdack

 James Hansen

 Linda Leeper

 Steve Ruschill

 Aaron Young

 Jim Hansen

 Ellie Light

 Amy Salem


 Jerry Harper

 Mary Light

 Darik Salem


 Patrick Harris

 Jen Lindsey

 Margaret Sarver